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A true Barack Obama Collectible

Care for a game of truth or dare? Want to get the truth? With the Presidential Polygraph you get a real
polygraph machine! Use this lie detector to determine the truth (80%-99% accuracy). Great for parties,
truth or dare, and more! Who took my pastrami sandwich? Do you have a crush on Brett?
No training, no learning curve. Just plug it into your PC's USB port, strap the sensors
to your test subject, and run the easy and fun software. Enter your questions and get the answers.
The computer will analyze the responses and will report to you the truth. The software is the polygraph expert.
This great game is fun and a real lie detector. Your assistant in the game is your favorite politician, and
expert liar of your choice! Features all your favorite politicians with stunning animations.
What's in the box:
  • A real polygraph machine
  • Pulse Finger Clip
  • Skin Galvanization Finger Wraps
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • USB Cable
  • Electronics box
  • CD-ROM
Tell me more:
  • The first home polygraph machine
  • Super easy to use, no experience necessary
  • Computer does all the work, just enter the questions
  • Artificial intelligence simulates an expert polygraph examiner to insure properly executed exams!
  • Examine "suspects" just like the FBI!
  • Great for parties!
  • Components: pulse, breathing, sweat, and body language(from user input)
  • Learn techniques to beat the polygraph!
Do Polygraphs really work? Yes.
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 bans the use
    of polygraph tests for pre-employment screening because they work.
  • New Mexico allows polygraph results to be submitted as evidence in court.
  • The FBI and CIA use the polygraph
  • Used on telvision shows: Moment of Truth, and Maury Povich
  • In episode 109 of the popular science show Mythbusters, they attempted to fool the polygraph by using pain to try and increase the readings when answering truthfully (so the machine will supposedly interpret the truthful and non-truthful answers as the same.) They also attempted to fool the polygraph by thinking happy thoughts when lying and thinking stressful thoughts when telling the truth to try and confuse the machine. However, neither technique was successful and the examiner Michael Martin correctly identified each guilty and innocent subject. The show also noted the widely held opinion that, when done properly, polygraphs are correct 80-99% of the time. [1]
  • It was widely reported that OJ Simpson repeatedly failed polygraph exams administered by his defense team. [2]
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Get the truth for only $250  $199.95
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Two Boxes Box Contents
Main Menu Case Info
Enter Questions Candidate Select
During Polygraph Exam Box back
Get the truth for only $250$199.95
$50 off the retail price!

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Features these Great American Politicians:
Democrats: Republicans:
Senator Joe Biden President George W Bush
President Bill Clinton Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Senator Hillary Clinton Governor Mike Huckabee
Senator Chris Dodd Representative Duncan Hunter
Senator John Edwards Senator John McCain
Senator Mike Gravel Representative Ron Paul
Senator Barack Obama Governor Mitt Romney
Governor Bill Richardson Representative Tom Tancredo
Senator Fred Thompson

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[1] Wikipedia - Mythbusters Beat the Lie Detector Episode featuring Michael Martin. [2] -